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Screw Feeder

Screw feeder is programmed to meter mass materials and are commonly used at the start of a procedure. Capacity or feed rate can be precisely controlled with screw feeder. Screw feeder is available in various sizes, lengths, configuration and materials of development. Screw Feeders come with variable speed drives which enhance the metering accuracy. It can further offer a variety of feed rates. The inlet of a screw feeder is fully flood loaded. In general, a screw feeder is mounted directly to a hopper which means a rectangular or square shape coupled with sloped bottom and defined storage capacity.

Screw feeder manufacturers also share that they can be mounted on a Bin, which is again square or rectangular with sloped bottom but huge storage capacity. Another type is known as Silo which is available in a cylindrical shape along with cone or even mass-flow bottom. This one is again with big storage capacity.

However, if you interact with screw feeder manufacturers in India, you would get to learn that they consider few other factors at the time of designing. These include flow characteristics of bulk material, density and capacity or feed rate of process. However, you can get to check the bulk material size while buying from a screw feeder supplier as well.

Screw Feeder
Screw Feeder
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