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Double Spout Cement Packing Machine Model DF02E

Double spout cement packing machines are usd where high capacity of filling and packing is required. These machines are also designed to handle powdered products and fill valve type bag. Similar to the single spout packing machine, material is forced by the impeller and filled in the bag through two spouts at the same time. The double spout machine can fill up to 500 bags per hour, just double to that of single spout machine. The compressed air requirements for this machine are also double compared to single spout cement packing machine i.e. 400 lpm @ 7 kg / cm2. Rest of the functionality, specifications and features are same as of the single spout machine.

Double Spout Cement Packing Machine Model DF02E
Double Spout Cement Packing Machine Model DF02E


Type of Bag Used
Weighing Range
Filling Method
Filling Capacity
Weighing Method
Weighing Accuracy
Compressed Air Requirement
Height of Machine
Bag Holding
Bag Rest
Materials Handled
Valve Type
5 – 50 kg
5.5 KW Motor With Belt Drive – Two Sets
500 Bags Per Hour
Electronic Loadcell With Controller
± 0.5 %
400 lpm @ 7 kg / cm2
1300 mm
Auto Bag Clamp And Auto Release
Provided With Height Adjustment
Cement, Fly ash, Hydrated Lime, Talcum Powder, Bleaching Earth